Unsure what to do during lockdown? Come hang with us in our WILDCAT LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE!

We figured what better way is there to keep ourselves occupied and distracted during this crazy uncertain time than dedicating it to helping each other stay fit and healthy, while sharing our best talents with our community and enriching the lives of the people around us.

So what have we got planned for you? We will be introducing a new and exciting challenge every 2nd Monday during the lockdown period.
Each challenge will run for the duration of 2 weeks, starting from Monday until the end of day on the following Sunday. On the following Monday, all the best entries will be chosen and will be put up for public voting via IG stories, the entry that receives the most votes will win the challenge prize, according to public selection.

Follow the instructions below to enter this week’s challenge. You can choose to participate in as many challenges as you’d like, and submit as many entries as you’d like, as long as you follow the instructions, there are no restrictions on entries.

Introducing the #WildcatCreatorChallenge Challenge. This challenge is suitable for those who have an outgoing personality, love comedy, entertaining and coming up with fun and engaging videos as well as sharing their madness with the people around them. This challenge is perfect for the inspiring content creator, comic personality, entertainer or someone who’s simply keen to have fun and play around through content creation.

Challenge start date : Monday 20th April.
Challenge end date : Sunday 3rd May (end of day).
Public Voting : Monday 4th May.
Winners announced : Wednesday 6th May.

Prizes :
1st place – R2500 shopping voucher on ultimatewildcat.com + R2,000 cash prize.
2nd place – R1500 shopping voucher on ultimatewildcat.com.
3rd place – R1000 shopping voucher on ultimatewildcat.com.

What are we looking for?

Fun and engaging videos showcasing what lockdown life is like for YOU. The video can be lockdown specific or it can be a video showcasing something YOU enjoy doing or a way of engaging with others during this time – anything goes. Please note that this is a fun and entertaining challenge, we are not looking for long videos of people talking endlessly or explaining things but rather short and fun videos with fun music that engage with viewers and provide entertainment value.
The content doesn’t need to be done professionally, it can be done with any camera or phone camera, as long as it is of good quality for social media usage. You can also use apps such as TikTok for example which are quite fun to edit short videos with and provide a lot of music choices.
If you have any of our products on hand, we would like to see how they fit into your lockdown life, in an engaging and fun way of course.
There is no time limit for video content, you can make it as long or as short as you’d like as long as the video adheres to the theme and contains relevant substance.
You can wear anything you’d like, as long as it has either WILDCAT branding on, or does not have any branding at all. Videos with other visible branding will be disqualified, as these videos are used for both sharing with our audience as well as the voting phase and we will not promote other brands.
The entry must be done via IG, by posting the video onto your timeline (can be done in a regular post or IG TV for longer videos) however, story posts will not be considered as those are only valid for 24 hour period and cannot be used for voting and sharing.
Tag us in the post (@wildcat_official_) along with the hashtag #WildcatCreatorChallenge.

Note : There are are numerous entries that get put forward during each challenge, we are looking for something fun, different, captivating, entertaining and engaging. If you want to stand out – GET CREATIVE! Good Luck!xx