We rarely ever take on any new ambassadors outside of the Ultimate Wildcat competition, If you’ve ever messaged us before asking for a sponsorship, you would know by now that we choose to redirect all sponsorship requests to the Ultimate Wildcat Ambassador search. Why do we do that? because it gives us an opportunity to properly get to know the girls and test the compatibility of the top yearly candidates over a long period of time, in a competitive environment and truly see who’s got what it takes to come out on top and become the ULTIMATE AMBASSADOR for our brands for years to come.

The reality of sponsorships is that most brands use sponsorships as a marketing tool for advancing their brand in the marketplace. There are many different associations we look at, it can be from a skill or an achievement point of view (being the best at a certain sport we cater for, having special talents etc.), it can be your look from a photographic campaign stand point, it can be because you’ve got a good Social Media reach and there’s an added marketing value to having you endorse the products, but in most cases we look at every single aspect of your being while trying to find candidates who can tick off more than one box.

Despite most people’s misconception that sponsorships are simply “Freebies”, NO product is free, there are NO handouts in life, everything costs money and if you were to receive a sponsorship opportunity with any brand, know it’s at a cost to the brand and unless you’re willing to work for it, it will go away as quickly as it came.

Being an ambassador is no less than any other job, and you wouldn’t apply for a job you have no qualification for, would you? Same as you wouldn’t be able to maintain your position or expect a promotion, without performing at your job.

Before approaching any brand for a sponsorship you should take the time to sit down and think long and hard about what it is that you can bring to the table that can add value to the brand, it all comes down to self awareness and being real with yourself.

We would like to also stop for a second and talk about PRIVACY. If you’d like to keep your life private, that’s perfectly fine, but then you’re definitely in the wrong place and you should reconsider even thinking about asking to become an ambassador for any brand, EVER. Being an ambassador means being in the ‘spotlight’, being open with people, sharing your life with other viewers and really being out there. You cannot represent anyone without actually existing in the public eye. If you have a ‘private’ profile and you’re serious about pursuing the Ultimate Wildcat title, please switch your settings to ‘public’, as social media presence forms a major part of the competition and it’s one of the first things we look at, private profiles will not be considered.

We’ve put together a summarized Q&A article below, where we’ve addressed all the questions you’ve asked us on our IG story.

Q : Does one have to be a certain height to be able to enter the Ultimate Wildcat competition?
A : No, we are not looking for runway models 🙂 we are looking for well rounded girls with the potential to represent our brands, so height is not a factor.

Q : Do you look for something specific in girls wanting to compete in UW?
A : We get hundreds of entries each year, we look for something special that sets someone apart from others, we wanna look at someones photos, profile or entry and just feel and know they have that X factor.

Q : What are you looking for in the Ultimate Wildcat and what are her duties as the Ultimate Wildcat?
A : We look for the ultimate ambassador to represent our brands for the year to come, and hopefully pass that point. After the competition ends, the Ultimate wildcat’s duties are to attend seasonal campaigns (video/photo) as well as any activations or events that we may be running. She also carries the responsibility to set an example for upcoming entrants by representing the brands image through her lifestyle and social media presence as well as through her interactions.

Q : Are there any age restrictions?
A : There are no age restrictions, as long as there is a compatibility to the brand’s image.

Q : How do you scout your ambassadors?
A : We don’t ever ‘scout’ for ambassadors, but if someone really grabs our attention, we may occasionally offer a collaboration to someone who we feel fills a gap that we are trying to fill, someone who we feel can add value to our brand we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Q : How does one become an ambassador for your company?
A : By entering the Ultimate Wildcat competition and making it to the Top 12 finalists. From day one, every single one of the Top 12 contestants is offered a place on our team as long as she is willing to put in the necessary effort, keep working hard for it even pass the competition and show us she truly wants to be a part of the team, whether she wins or not.

Q : Do you need to be a fitness babe in order to be an Ultimate Wildcat?
A : There’s absolutely no requirement to be into fitness, as long as the entrant leads and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our last years winner doesn’t go to the gym much, nor does any specific gym type training, but she is very much into the outdoors, hiking etc.

Q : How do you become a WILDCAT model?
A : By entering and Ultimate wildcat competition of course 😀 Every model we use is an ambassador for the brand, we never use random models.

Q : When/How do you decide to give a sponsorship to someone?
A : We judge every sponsorship by the value the person brings to the table. We are all about creating long term relationships and we are constantly growing and evolving ourselves as a brand, so we look for people who are like minded, who are willing to work, who have the passion, hunger and motivation to grow, evolve and move forward with us. We will only offer a full sponsorship to someone we truly believe in and see long term potential with, but it’s also gonna be up to that person to see the potential within themselves, as sponsorships are not a given, it can go away as quickly as it came if the work ethic and ambition is not there.

Q : How do you pick the Ultimate Wildcat girls?
A : We always look at putting together a good selection of girls as a strong and cohesive team, so we first go through all the applications and profiles and select the candidates we like, we then narrow those down to who are the definite selections we are certain we wanna see as part of the Top 12 and then we fill in the gaps with girls who might be weaker in some aspects but stronger in others so we can see who can step up their game during the competition and rise up to the challenge, people often surprise us when it comes to expectations. In some cases, if it’s a very close call, we will put together a selection of girls who will be put up for voting, to let our viewers choose who they would like to see as part of the competition. We do feel that being put up for voting can at times create a much stronger bond with the audience from the get-go and benefit the chosen girls with additional support throughout the competition.

Q : Would you sponsor CrossFit girls?
A : We love working with girls from different sports and backgrounds, as we feel it shows the versatility of our brands, being more lifestyle driven rather than fitness specific. Being good at a certain sport can only score you extra points, regardless of what the sport is, but all other requirements must be met as well.

Q : Do you have to have a specific body shape to be considered as a finalist?
A : You don’t need to have a specific body shape to be considered as a finalist, but you have to live and portray a healthy lifestyle and have an overall appeal.

Q : Can a curvy/plus size girl also enter the Ultimate Wildcat competition?
A : Yes, we encourage girls of all shapes and sizes to enter, as we want to relate to and represent all women through the media we put out, but the person has to portray and promote a healthy lifestyle and image. We are all about promoting self love, we will not choose someone who is actively abusing their body, that’s not what we promote.

Q : Are you only looking for girls with a thin physique or also girls that have a bit more muscle?
A : We are ideally looking for representation of all types of physiques, so all are welcome, as long as the other criteria is also met. We are looking for the best candidates to put through to the finals, so no look or physique will be promoted over another, we look at each candidate as a whole and everything they bring to the table as a person, which in our eyes goes beyond any ‘look’.

Q : What entry photos do you look for?
A : We look for 2-3 of your best photos, photos must consist of close up / portrait photos as well as full body shots, or alternatively full body shots where you can see the face clearly as well.

Q : Do you have to have professional photos to enter?  And is sports clothing preferred or is bikini etc. also accepted?
A : You do not need professional photos to enter the competition, smart phones these days can take better photos than most photographers anyways. Any photos will suffice as long as they haven’t been drastically modified through editing apps. The photos can be taken wearing fitness clothing, bikinis, underwear, a dress or anything you’d like, as long as we can get a clear idea of what you really look like.

Q : Are there any restrictions when entering? More specifically in terms of looks, like tattoos etc?
A : There are no restrictions, especially not on tattoos. We are open to all looks as long as there’s a compatibility to the overall brand image.

Q : In your words, what/who is the ULTIMATE Wildcat? What should she embody?
A : The Ultimate Wildcat is someone who’s fierce, someone who stands out from the crowd cause she’s got that special spark in her eye. She’s someone who is not afraid to take chances and chase after her dreams, someone who’s a hard worker and is passionate about everything she touches, and above all someone who’s kind to others, because without kindness, there is no beauty.

Q : Is following a factor when it comes to being chosen as an Ultimate Wildcat finalist?
A : It’s definitely not a deciding factor, we do take following somewhat into consideration, but we focus more on overall engagements. There are many profiles these days with high following that have extremely low engagement or actual real life following. We are very much aware of people who are buying likes, comments and followers, so numbers are not a deciding factor for us.

Q : Do you have to have a certain amount of followers to win?
A : No, you don’t. Our last year’s winner had the least amount of following out of all the other finalists.

Q : How important are looks and fitness when entering?
A : We are looking for someone who can represent us in photographic and videographic campaigns. So while you don’t have to be the prettiest, the slimmest, the most muscular or the tallest, you have to have an overall general appeal, or have something interesting about your look that will appeal to our customers.

Q : What advice would you give to girls wanting to enter the competition?
A : Be willing to work hard and put in the necessary effort, because it’s one of the most important aspects of the competition. The prettiest girls with the highest followings are not the ones who make it to the finalists, once you’re chosen as a Top 12 finalist, it’s anyone’s game, what you do during the time you are given is the only factor that’s going to decide how far you will go in the competition. We notice EVERYTHING, we know who’s posting and tagging, we know who’s engaging on our posts, we know who’s putting in the effort, we also know who isn’t putting in the effort all year round and only picks up their game when entries start.

Now that you’ve read what we have to share, the most important step of all is to seriously ask yourself –

Do YOU have what it takes?

And are YOU willing to put in the effort ?