We are looking for established girls as well as young & fresh NEW girls. You don’t need to have professional photos to enter the competition, any photos will suffice as long as they haven’t been drastically modified.

This competition is open internationally, to anyone, residing anywhere.

We are looking for girls that can embody the essence of the brands as we are looking for a brand ambassador, not just another model.

We are looking for girls that have a healthy look and fit body, that live and promote a healthy lifestyle, however, it’s not necessary to have a muscular or slim physique to be able to enter.

Anyone can enter as long as they don’t have a formal written contract with any other Clothing or Supplement brand.

This is a free-to-enter competition, entries will open on – Wednesday 25th September and will remain open until end of day – Thursday 31st October.

 The Top 12 Finalists will be announced on Monday 11th November.


DOWNLOAD the entry forms by clicking the button below.

Read and complete the entry forms in full.

All entry forms must be accompanied by 2-3 of your best pics as well as an ENTRY VIDEO submission. Please view the photos and video instructions below.

All entry forms must be submitted to – wild@ultimatewildcat.com.

Photogragraphic requirements : Photos must consist of close up / portrait photos as well as full body shots, you do not need professional photos, as long as they haven’t been drastically edited and as long as we can get a clear idea of what you really look like.
Video Submission requirements : Being a WILDCAT entails much more than having a pretty face and/or a healthy body, we are looking for girls with an infectious personality, who can not only look good in photos but also able to talk and interact with people.

This is a new addition to the #UltimateWildcat competition requirements that we’ve briefly introduced last year. We are looking for a 20 to 60 second video of you briefly introducing yourself, telling us who you are and why we should pick you as one of the #UltimateWildcat #NormalIsBoring finalists.

Please do not overthink this exercise, we just want to get an idea of WHO YOU ARE. For examples of entry videos please refer to our IG highlights.

*The video has to be 20-60 seconds long.
*The video doesn’t need to be done professionally, it can be done with any phone (in portrait view please NOT landscape) – taken by someone else or even of you in selfie style, please do not drastically edit or modify the video, we want to see what you look like – naturally.
*You can wear anything you’d like, as long as it has either WILDCAT branding on, or does not have any branding at all. Videos with other visible branding will be disqualified, as these videos are used for both the voting phase as well as the introduction phase (should you make it to that stage) and we will not promote other brands.

**You can either insert the video into the Email body directly or upload the video onto dropbox, we transfer, google drive etc and include the link in the email.

Each one of the 12 finalists will receive a Hamper to the value of R5,000, which will include a selection of items from WILDCAT & WILD.

We are looking for a brand ambassador, not just another pretty face, someone who wants to inspire and motivate others to be the best possible version of themselves. This will be your chance to show us how you can represent our brands to the best of your ability.

Each finalist will be allocated a mentor from #TEAMWILDCAT to help her make the most out of the experience and assist in providing guidance for the challenges and the competition as a whole.

During the duration of the competition the finalists will be presented with individual as well as team weekly/bi-weekly challenges designed to challenge different aspects of being an ambassador, challenging their content creation, team work and brand representation skills with weekly/bi-weekly winners and prizes.

Top 3 finalists will be selected for an all expenses paid ULTIMATE WILDCAT Experience to participate in the Finalists photoshoot with top international photographer Preyen Moodley ( @loopphoto ) at the beginning of February 2020. *location to be announced*

Based on the final photoshoot one winner will be chosen.


R20,000 CASH.

♥ 1 year full clothing sponsorship from WILDCAT to the value of R25,000.

♥ 1 year sponsorship from WILD to the value of R25,000.

♥ Appear as the face of WILDCAT & WILD in upcoming Photographic Ad Campaigns.

♥ Will get the opportunity to collaborate with WILDCAT on creating her own custom design piece to be released as part of the WILDCAT X Collection.