Firstly, as harsh as the following read may sound to some people, trust that this is as honest of an answer as you will ever get about why some people land sponsorships and some simply don’t.

The reality of sponsorships is that most brands use sponsorships as a marketing tool for advancing their brand in the marketplace.
There’s many different associations we look at, it can be from an achievement point of view (being the best at a certain sport we cater for etc.), it can be your look from a photographic campaign stand point, or possibly because you’ve got a good Social Media reach and there’s an added marketing value to having you endorse the products.

Think of applying for a sponsorship as a job interview, you wouldn’t apply for a job you have no qualification for, would you? Same applies to sponsorships.
Before approaching any brand for a sponsorship you need to sit down and think long and hard about what it is that you can bring to the table that can add value to the brand.

Despite most peoples’ misconception that sponsorships are “Freebies”, no product is free, everything costs money and if you were to land a sponsorship, know it’s at a cost to the brand and unless you’re willing to work for it, it will go away as quickly as it came.

We get so many Emails requesting sponsorships from people who say they “Need the sponsorship to help them reach their goals”, what do they promise in return? To use the product.
Hmmmm… Firstly, no, you don’t need free clothes or supplements to eat healthier, start taking care of yourself, get more active or reach your goals.

New clothes are definitely not gonna help you with that and supplements are there to supplement, not to replace a clean diet and a strong training regime.
We look for people who can inspire others, how would you inspire others if you can’t even inspire yourself? What standard does that set?
Secondly, if we had to give out free product to every person that said they’ll use it, we would go out of business, wouldn’t we?

The worst Emails we ever get are the ones that are sent tagging every brand in the country in the same Email. Regardless of who you are, these Emails don’t ever get entertained,
It’s almost the same as lining up 10 guys/girls and asking them all to prom at the same time hoping one will say yes, now if you were one of those 10, would that impress you? – Exactly.

Here’s a breakdown of the different profiles and what steps to follow in order to land the sponsorship you desire –

If you do not have a strong SM profile –
– You have to have great achievements under your belt or have a great photographic campaign look in order to land a sponsorship.
Otherwise, there’s no real point for a brand to sponsor you, as you will serve no purpose to them.
– If you have a fairly good look or good expertise ( ie. nutrition, training, recipes etc. ) there’s still hope! Start by looking at other popular profiles that are similar to the kind of profile you can see yourself realistically achieving.
Use the profiles you’ve found as guidelines for designing and styling your own page. Refer to our online article on Social Media Guidelines for more info.
Try grow and evolve your SM page before approaching a brand for sponsorship, as it serves as your business card these days and we do look at that.

If you do have a strong SM profile –
Follow, Like & Tag. There’s no better way to get noticed than to show the brand you would like to approach what they can expect from you as an ambassador,  prior to composing any Emails. If you do a good enough job and show the brand your value, they may even approach you themselves. When composing an Email to a brand you have to once again think of this as a job interview, you can’t apply for a job without a proper CV, without telling us exactly why we should consider you and what qualifications you have for the job.

If you do not fall under any of the descriptions above, most likely you’d be wasting your time at this point hoping for a sponsorship.
There is always hope however, it will just take hard work and dedication. Set your eyes on the prize and continue pushing forward every day towards achieving your goals.
Become the inspiration, so that one day other girls will look at you with the same admiration you are now looking up to others with. Every person was once a beginner, there’s no shame in that.

Now that you’ve read what we have to share, the most important step of all is
to seriously ask yourself –
Do YOU have what it takes? And are YOU willing to put in the effort?