If you’re new to health and fitness and can’t bring yourself to fully commit to training, a strict diet and a full lifestyle change; there’s still small things you can change about your daily lifestyle that can make a huge difference.

You may or may not see the results immediately, but in the long run these changes will make you look and feel better, until perhaps with time you’ll find yourself ready to step it up a notch.

WATCH YOUR PORTIONS – Portion size affects how much you eat despite your appetite.Research shows that most people eat all of what they are served, rather than stopping when they’re full.

What’s perhaps most striking about this is that people eat more from larger portions even when they are not particularly hungry and even when the food doesn’t taste very good.
So what does that mean? You need to be aware. Try dishing less food onto your plate and listening to your body to know when to stop eating. If you’re still hungry, you can always top up your plate, but you will be surprised of the mental impact the concept of finishing what’s on our plate has on our minds.

EATING OUT – Most of us have become more aware of the impact processed foods have on our health and wellness, hence why you will find many substitutes these days in shops and in restaurants.

– Try ordering seeded, wholewheat or rye bread next time you’re having your favourite burger, or even going for a no bun option instead.

– If you’re having a burger or a sandwich, try leaving out the top bun, it’s unnecessary and will reduce your carbohydrates by half.

– Try substituting regular chips for sweet potato chips, or a salad.

– Substitute the white sugar in your morning coffee for brown sugar, or preferably no sugar at all.

– Try and avoid fried foods, rather go for baked, grilled or fresh options. Making small changes like these will make a huge difference to your body in the long run.

THE SWEET SPOT – We all love desserts, but the worst mistake we make is bringing these foods into our homes. If you have a sweet tooth, try choose a day when you allow yourself to go out and have a dessert. Don’t stuff your face but rather socially have a cupcake, or a slice of cake.

If you’re badly craving something at home, try having a piece of dark chocolate (70% or more cocoa/cacao ), air popped popcorn ( original, not microwave flavoured popcorn ) or a delicious protein smoothie.
Keep in mind that whatever you bring into your home is there to be consumed the moment the cravings start.

DRINKS & ALCOHOL – Cutting out alcohol will be the best decision you will ever make when it comes to health and weight loss. Alcohol is made up of empty calories, that besides from making you feel nice in the moment, will stall your weight loss progress. But if you have to have something socially, try a glass of red wine; or whiskey either on ice or with water.

AVOID mixers and ciders at all cost!! AVOID sugary sodas and juices!! DRINK WATER WATER WATER!!

Most importantly listen to your body, it will tell you when it’s hungry and it will tell you when it’s full.

Understanding food is as simple as-the more unrefined and natural it is; and the better it is, the more processed it is, the worse it is. It’s all about reconnecting with nature.

Even though food is pleasurable and satisfying, it is still primarily a fuel source and should be viewed as such.