Social media marketing isn’t just for fun anymore, social media can now be used as a powerful marketing tool that delivers valuable results, if used correctly.
We’ve decided to put together some of our IG Guidelines, this guide is mainly our view of how we would like to see our ambassadors portray themselves on their profiles.
This guide focuses primarily on IG posts, however, most of the following info can and should be applied across most SM platforms.


If there’s only one thing you take away from this article, we hope it’s the message to only post high quality images.
Considering today’s technology, there’s absolutely no excuse for posting images that are pixelated or blurry.
Most SM platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are visual platforms and your images are what’s going to speak to your followers.
You need to be able to tell a story with your photos and your page; Your posts should paint a larger picture about your personal brand.

Quality over quantity is essential, especially when starting off and trying to establish your name and your profile.
Make your photos pretty – Instead of holding up your phone wherever is comfortable and snapping, look at the light and shift things around to make your photo look better.

IG is all about imagery so don’t get sloppy about your image sizes, dimensions and quality. Posting excessively or neglecting to post at all isn’t going to cut it.
Don’t clog up other people’s Newsfeed by posting 10 photos in a row. The term for this is Instagramarrhea.
Space out your updates just enough that your followers get excited to see your latest posts, instead of getting annoyed by them.
Instead of focusing on speed and the amount of posts you’re issuing, redirect your attention to learning best practices and avoiding those that will only set you back.


You should also sidestep overdoing it with product posts.
We get it, you’re sponsored by X,Y,Z but no one wants to look at a page full of pictures of products, not even we do as a brand, as those could’ve literally been taken by pretty much anyone, which defeats the purpose of having you as an ambassador.
Your followers are more interested in getting to know who you are, so try incorporating sponsored products in everyday shots, make the brands you associate with part of your daily lifestyle.

Make it interesting for people to look at, otherwise, your followers will get bored and simply unfollow you.


No SM platform is a one-way street, It’s a give and take relationship.

Be active by liking and commenting on other accounts, especially the brands you associate with. Respond to comments posted by your followers, as it will make your followers want to continue engaging and supporting you in the future.


IG Hashtags are your friend, they’re what fuels likes, conversations, comments and who sees your posts, but going hashtag crazy is never a good practice.

100 hashtags for one photo is not necessary, It makes your intentions for social media look blatantly desperate.
If you put out good content and relevant hashtags, people will find and follow you.

The best bloggers and social media people don’t use hashtags at all.


Don’t post the same damn selfie over and over. Love yourself? That’s great, but if you post the same photo of yourself, from a slightly different angle, multiple times per week, people will eventually unfollow you, because it’s boring.


Post in real-time as much as possible. People feel connected when they know what you’re doing in the moment.  If a celeb is getting ready for the Grammy’s, it is much more interesting if they post pictures as it is happening.  If they post it later, “Getting ready for the Grammy’s yesterday,” the excitement has dwindled.


If you’re an athlete and you’re dieting a lot, it’s your decision, so stand by it.

There’s no need to spam other people’s feed with how badly you’d like to stuff your face every hour, or how miserable you are that you’re not doing it as we speak.

It doesn’t motivate other people to follow your lead and attempt to lead a “healthier” lifestyle, it actually puts other people off the idea of attempting it in the first place.
If you’re gonna post food pics make sure they’re to die for, yummy, inspiring and engaging.

Don’t overdo food posts, unless your goal is to build a foodie/recipe guru profile, no one wants to see every single meal you eat in your day, unless it’s truly something awesome that needs to be seen.


*Every person to their own, and if you are not looking to represent any brands and are keeping a social profile for personal use only, then this one isn’t for you.*

We all love the idea of finding the perfect partner, but we strongly believe you should use your new found relationship to inspire others to believe in finding love, to believe in real partnership and family, rather than shoving it in everyone’s faces daily.
It should be portrayed as something powerful, not cringe inducing.

No one wants to watch you transform from a strong, independent woman to someone that lives in someone else’s shadow.


If you’re interested in building a SM profile for marketing / business purposes, too much of anything isn’t gonna work, use common sense when it comes to your profile and your posts.

Everything is cool and acceptable in moderation.

Look at it this way –

What do YOU like to see on your feed?

What makes YOU double-tap a pic?

What makes YOU want to comment?

Now apply the same principles to your own profile, Voila 🙂