Ultimate Fit Stack


  • Your Go-To recovery aid & Must-Have addition to you fasted cardio routine.
  • Reduces soreness and boosts recovery.
  • Prevents muscle tissue breakdown.
  • Boosted with 2000mg of Glutamine & 2000mg of Glycine per single serving.
  • 100% Naturally Sweetened using Stevia.
  • 100% Naturally Flavoured.

Preworkout : A revolutionary blend of superior key ingredients formulated especially for women using the most premium, highly researched ingredients on the market, to deliver the ultimate fitness results you’ve been longing for and help your body make the most out of training! Using a premium blend of IBCAA’s (Instantized Branched Chain Amino Acids), Amino Acids, Green Tea and Caffeine, scientifically dosed to provide a steady supply of energy with no post workout crash. You’ll be able to enjoy the perfect energy amplification to boost your workouts, along with heightened focus, increased strength, enhanced endurance and the prevention of muscle tissue breakdown in one convenient and refreshing drink; so you can truly BRING IT ON. 100% naturally flavoured and sweetened, contains no artificial colorants.

IBCAA + Recovery : Your essential blend of IBCAA’s ( Instantized Branched Chain Amino Acids ), the building blocks of protein supercharged with the extra benefits of the Amino acids Glycine & Glutamine.
Attributing to repair and recovery of muscles and joints, prevention of muscle tissue breakdown, as well as the improvement of digestive health and immune function, in one convenient and refreshing Gym Tonic. 100% naturally flavoured and sweetened, contains no artificial colorants.

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