In response to all of the daily inquiries we get from people on how to become an ambassador for the brand, we decided to put something together to give you some understanding on how to approach any kind of ambassadorship/sponsorship.

We rarely accept unsolicited sponsorship requests. We will only ever consider someone that we truly feel can add value to the brand and the team.

This information is mainly our view and how we would approach it, but we are confident most companies will agree.

1. FOLLOW & LIKE This is the simplest but most overlooked step. Emails and messages asking a company for sponsorship can go unnoticed if you do not already follow them on all social media.
Follow on IG, like on FB, interact and like posts, show them you support their brand and their product.

2. MAKE A PURCHASE Too many people are focused on landing a sponsorship as some sort of validation to being an athlete, as if the more sponsorships you have the better you are, which is pretty far from the truth.

How can you know YOU like the product? Whether it’s supplements or apparel, you need to make a purchase, small or big.

Do YOU really like it?
Would YOU recommend it to your friends and family?
Would YOU wear it?
Do YOU like the quality?

These are some of many things you cannot answer confidently without using the brand yourself.

Additionally this helps support the company you’re interested in representing by saying “I bought and use your product and I love it”

3. TAG THEM – Use the previous steps to your advantage.
Tag them in IG and/or FB posts wearing and/or using the product, tell them how much you love it, make a video, get creative. This goes a LONG way from a company standpoint.

4. TELL THEM – When composing an Email to the company, tell them why they should pick you.
What are you bringing to the table?
Can you extend to the people you come into contact with, whether on social media or in person?

It may be surprising to hear, but the achievements you may have acquired competitively matter less to us than what you can bring to the table.

You need to be able to work as a team, support and inspire others to be better and reach their goals, and stand for something. Pretty photos are great, but you need to have substance.

Numbers and facts are meaningless if you don’t back it up by daily hard work.

Did a company show an Interest in you? Have you landed the sponsorship? This is where the work starts, not ends.

1. PUT IN THE WORK – Wear/Use the products with pride, take photos and videos of yourself training, playing your favorite sports, tell people where they can find the product, tell them what you like about the product, get creative.

2. SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT – Get familiar with using the right hashtags that are unique to the brand, get to know other athletes, support them and the brand by liking, commenting, interacting, creating a conversation, reposting and sharing content on your pages.

3. DON’T EVER BASH – There is nothing that will make you lose your spot quicker than bashing people or other sports. Be the motivation, be the inspiration, bashing others down will never make you look bigger. And as most fitness brands are aspirational, we and most other brands will never stand for such behavior.

Now that you’ve read what we had to share, the most important step of all is to seriously ask yourself –

Do YOU have what it takes? And are YOU willing to put in the effort?