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The Ultimate Wildcat 2016 Competition was launched in November 2015.

We were looking for both established girls as well as young & fresh new girls.

Girls that have a healthy look and fit body, but more importantly girls that we felt would be able to embody the essence of the brands, as we were looking for a brand ambassador, not just another model.

From hundreds of entries from stunning girls all across South Africa, the top 12 finalists were chosen –

After months of hard work and dedication we minimized the selection down to our Top 4 finalists who were invited to partake in the 3 day Ultimate Wildcat Finalists Photoshoot in Cape Town.

The top 4 finalists were chosen based on their fit to the brands – looks and personality wise, as well as the dedication and commitment they each displayed during the given time frame leading up to the photoshoot.

They each showed us how they would take on the opportunity of representing our brand in the future.

After completing the Finalist Shoot the winner was chosen, by representatives of the sponsoring brands, as well as public votes.

Read more about the girls and the photoshoot below.